● Please look for genuine JJRC trademark, and purchase through official channels.

● Please keep the purchase vouchers at the time of purchase, so that you can exchange and return goods at a later date.

● Product model, function and size are described on the official product details page. Please check the details page before purchasing or contact the relevant customer service personnel for checking.

● All products are photographed by the professional photography team, due to shooting light or environmental scenes and other issues; it may produce subtle color differences, the color prevail in kind.

● If you purchase JJRC products through the network channels, the specific delivery time is according to the purchase channel.

● Please check the intact of the product after purchase, check the number of accessories, if damaged or the number does not match, please contact the sales business.

● Unused products for non-human cause problems, such as: damage, cracking, serious defects and other quality problems, JJRC provide a full set of after-sales service, please contact the sales business for return; JJRC does not provide the appropriate after-sales service for man-made damages. For details, please refer to the service page, or contact JJRC technical support.

Purchase Notes

Product operation

Please watch JJRC school video or product brochures.

Product features

Please see the product page description or introduction description.

Products and Services

Please read the service support inside the service requirements, the final interpretation right belongs to all JJRC.

If the above explanation is still unable to solve your doubts, please feedback your problems though telephone, email or online feedback

JJRC, thank you for your support!