If you encounter any problems other than those mentioned above, please contact JJRC for technical support. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Issue of JJPRO X3’s camera not working properly

    We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the X3’s camera not working properly due to the problem of the channel.

    To fix the problem, please comply with the following instructions:

    1. Ensure your smartphone supports 5G WiFi connections.

    2. X3 applies Channel 40, which reaches and covers most of the countries and areas. Please download and install the package and upgrade.

    Click the link below to download (file name:JJPRO_X3_40.RAR)


    3. For users in Indonesia, Iran, Morocco, Kuwait and Kazakhstan, please download and install the following package and upgrade.

    Click the link below to download file name:JJPRO_X3_others.RAR)


    Please also read and follow the instructions for upgrade as below,

    1, Unzip the rar file

    2. Copy files "rootfs.squashfs" and "update.scr" to the root directory of TF 


    3. Insert TF card to wifi camera of the drone.

    4.Insert the wifi camara to the drone,power on the drone,wifi camera will be upgraded automatically,it will take about 3minutes,then the wifi camera will restart,the led of the wifi camera will flash.

    5. Power down, take out TF card from wifi camera,then delete files"rootfs.squashfs" and "update.scr" from TF card.

  • If the aircraft cannot take off, it might because:

     If the aircraft cannot take off, it might because:
    1. The blades are wrongly installed.
    Solution: Please check whether the blades are installed in the correct 
    direction.(as shown in the user manual)
    2. Battery of remote control or drone is low.
    Solution: Please ensure the battery is fully charged.
    3. Motor is damaged.
    Solution: Please check whether the motor works. If not, please 
    change a new one.
    4. The circuit board is damaged.
    Solution: Contact JJRC for technical support or buy a new one from 
    official website. 
  • If the flight path is deviated when taking off, it might because:

    1. It flies in windy weathers.

    Solution: Strong wind might affect the flight path. Please ensure the surroundings are appropriate for flights.

    2. The remote control is not well adjusted for operation.

    Solution: Manipulate the the left and right adjustment buttons of remote control to adjust the flight direction.

    3. The blade was out of shape.

    Solution: Please replace with the spare blade or buy a new one from official website.

    4. The aircraft is well placed when operating frequency.

    Solution: Ensure the aircraft is placed stably and horizontal during the process of operating frequency.

  • If the aircraft cannot fly up high, it might because:

    1. The rotor rotates at a low speed.

    Solution: Push the power lever upwards to increase the rotation speed of rotor.

    2. The battery is low.

    A: Remove and charge the battery.

    3. The blade was backward.

    Solution: Ensure the blade is installed correctly according to the instructions.

  • If the aircraft is out of controlled, it might because:

    1. The wind is too strong

    Solution: Do not use in windy weathers. The strong wind might affect the flight path in terms of distance and height.

    2. The aircraft is beyond the effective remote control distance.

    Solution: Ensure the drone flies within the radius of action and same instructions of frequency should not be delivered within 30 meters of radius.

    3. The signal is interrupted due to disconnection of battery.

    Solution: Check the connection of battery to ensure energizing.

  • If the aircraft is landing too fast, it might because:

    1. Power lever is pulled back too fast.

    Solution: Slowly pull back the power lever to ensure safe landing.

    2. The battery is low.

    Solution: Ensure the battery is fully charged.

  • If the remote control cannot be controlled, it might because:

    1. The power of remote control is off.

    Solution: Press "ON" on remote control to turn on the power.

    2. The positive and negative poles of the battery are upside down .

    Solution: Check the poles of the battery and ensue the battery is correctly inserted.

    3. The battery is low.

    Solution: Please replace a new battery.

  • Signal connection of transmitter and receiver:


    ① Turn on the drone and place it on a level surface,the indicator light of transmitter and the LED of drone flashing.

    ② Push the throttle joystick to the highest point then push back to the lowest point.and when you hear two beeps,the indicator light of transmitter and the LED of drone become normally on,the signal connection has completed.

  • How does the remote control calibrate?


    Calibrate the drone when it cannot vertically ascend. Firstly push the accelerator joystick and steering joystick to the left bottom corner. 
    Then release all the buttons till the flash of the drone’s indicator light turn to constant light. Thus the calibration completes. Ensure the whole process of calibration is operated under horizontal and steady circumstances. 

  • Is the battery not standard?

    Solution: Not all batteries are standardized. Please refer to product specifications and instructions for more details.

  • The longer the battery charges, the more powerful it is?

    Solution: Do not overcharge the battery. Charging will end up once the power is full. Please immediately pull out the charger if any smoke or over-heating from the wire or battery is found.

  • Can the battery charge anywhere?

    Solution: Do not charge the battery next to inflammables or on the surface of electro-conductive objectives.

    Do not use or charge dilatant battery.

  • What should I do if the battery is heated?

    Solution: Do not charge the battery which is not cool down yet. Battery heating is normal while be aware of overheating. Please immediately pull out the charger when the battery is overheated.

  • How should I deal with battery leakage?

    Solution: If the battery leakage occurs, avoid any contacts with your skin or eyes.  And immediately clean with soap and running water when in contacts with skin, and clean with volumes of cold water and seek medical care when in contacts with eyes.

  • Does the battery work in low temperature environment?

    Solution: The battery capacity will decrease obviously under circumstance below -10 ° C. Preheat the battery to 20 ° C before using it.

  • Can I use the battery in a cold environment?

    A: Storage should be waterproof and moisture-proof, long-term placement should ensure that the power more than two cells and when stored more than three months, it should be charged and discharged time to maintain battery activity.

  • How should I deal with unusable batteries?

    Solution: Ensure the unusable batteries are not mixed with daily rubbish and not damaged. Collect them in plastics to prevent from rain and sun, and place in designated containers for radiant waste.

  • Is the battery chargeable with other chargers?

    A: The battery must use the original distribution of the special charger; charge is strictly prohibited use of damaged chargers or other chargers.

  • What should I do if any exceptions occur to the charger?

    Solution: Please immediately remove the plug if you sense any peculiar smell, noise or smoke. Change a new charger afterwards.