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    JJR/C is a self-developed intelligence technology brand of Guangdong Jianjian Intelligence Technology Co., LTD, which has determined the brand route of independent customized products in 2014. Since then, the brand has been innovated and upgraded continuously and has been successfully upgraded in 2017, further interpreting the brand value with “Technology Create Fun Intelligently". Jianjian toys aims to create a unique JJR/C brand by using mature product concept, advanced technology and independent R&D capabilities. Our brand sells well in more than 40 countries and the precise brand positioning has made us highly praised by consumers.

    Temerry is a new self-developed maternal and infant educational brand of Guangdong Jianjian Intelligence Technology Co., LTD, and it has determined the brand route of independent customized products in 2019. As our new maternal and infant educational brand, the LOGO has been adopted the image of a blue whale, symbolizing motherhood, freedom and uniqueness. Temerry aims to cultivate and develop kids’ imagination and creativity while bringing kids emotional companionship and care. Meanwhile, Temerry also takes highly attention to help parents excavating and developing their kids’ potential abilities, and bring pleasure and interest to kids.

    The product R&D of the JJR/C and the Temerry is based on the needs of consumers and audiences, seeking resonance between products and consumers, using the most innovative product concepts and leading technology to research and develop products that satisfy customers and make users comfortable. We insist on providing consumers with a better experience and making more intelligent fun, while insisting on providing users with safe and healthy materials and meaningful products with abundant contents. In our philosophy, toys are not just could be played, but should be given the mission of being a companion for children to grow, entertain and learn. Let children learn and grow in entertainment. Let science and technology enter every family and be a better partner for children!

  • About JJRC


    About JJRC

    Guangdong Jianjian Intelligence Technology Co., LTD., which is a supplier with the main products of independent design and development of remote control intelligent toys and infant educational toys, was established in 2009. We are also a novel toy enterprise that innovatively integrates modern domestic and foreign e-commerce models and traditional physical wholesale. At present, our company has two brands: JJR/C and Temerry. JJR/C specializes in drone, remote-controlled aircraft, robots, climbing vehicles and other educational and novel toys. And Temerry mainly deals in maternal and infant educational toys such as children’s camera and building blocks.

    Guangdong Jianjian Intelligence Technology Co., LTD., has been insisting on continuously innovating around customers’ needs and increasing investment in basic research. After many years of technology accumulation and market development, we have a high-quality online and offline marketing team, advanced marking management philosophy, an equipped efficient and complete logistics warehousing distribution system. We have successfully realized the business model of no middlemen and no store rent. Our R&D and innovation capability, product quality, channel construction and customer service capabilities have been greatly enhanced to the leading level in the industry. We always insist in focusing on customers’ needs and continuously innovate and develop products with efficient management, strict quality control and sincere services to satisfy customers and make users comfortable. Jianjian is neither a technology that breaks the ground and challenges the limit, nor is a high-cold technology that repels people from thousands of miles. What we build is to ingeniously blend technology into play and bring more wonderful experience to the masses of players. It is also a kind of interesting and loving technology, even an infectious fun! In the future, we will not forget the original heart and continue to move forward!