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Social Responsibility

Responsibility Vision

The vision of social responsibility of Jianjian Technology is to "strive to create value for customers, employees and society". We are committed to creating shared value with our customers, suppliers, other external partners, our employees, and more importantly, our society. Based on talents and technology, we focus on creativity and innovation, so as to continuously achieve technological breakthroughs and product iterations, and provide the most cost-effective products and services for global customers and consumers, and become a more popular toy brand. While developing ourselves, we actively undertake corporate social responsibilities, create a better life for the society, and become a more respected company.

Product service - focus on excellent quality

Jianjian has persisted in the unremitting pursuit of excellent quality for many years, and insisted on providing customers with products and services of excellent quality. We unswervingly abide by the value concept of "quality as the basic, reputation as the first, sincere service". Starting from the needs of customers, we use the most innovative product concepts and leading technologies to tackle key problems, and continue to develop high-end quality, safe and reliable products. So far, Jianjian has obtained 45 trademarks, 15 software copyrights, 55 patents, several invention patents, and has a number of international qualification certifications leading the domestic industry. From materials, R & D, design, to production technology, Jianjian has established a strict, perfect and sound product quality control system, and strives to create the most valuable products and services for customers.


Product Concept

Jianjian persists in providing consumers continuously with better experience and creating more fun. At the same time, it insists on providing users with products with safe and healthy materials and rich and meaningful content. In our philosophy, toys are not just playthings, but should also be endowed with the mission of becoming children's companions for growth, entertainment and learning. Let children learn and grow in entertainment, and let technology enter every family! Let technology become a better companion for children!


Staff Care

Jianjian adheres to the concept of people-oriented, and provides employees with a broad platform in their work, allowing them to show greater value in their areas of expertise. At the same time, establish a sound employee incentive mechanism to ensure a reasonable increase in employee income, and improve employee training system and promotion system to promote employee career development. Jianjian provides employees with a harmonious and healthy working environment, and holds birthday parties for employees. We give various holiday gifts on traditional festivals; hold large-scale annual meetings, etc., so that employees can feel love and responsibility in work and life, and truly realize the harmonious development of the company and employees.


Public Benefit

In the process of the company's development, Jianjian has always followed the business philosophy of "Co-creation and sharing, integrity and win-win", and actively undertakes and fulfills social responsibilities. We not only pay attention to social news, but also actively participate in various social welfare activities, and never forget to do our best to repay the society with a grateful heart.