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Pre-Flight Environment

Battery Usage

Flight Environment

Indoor flight

Spacious spaces away from barriers, crowds or pets are preferred.

Outdoor flight

1.Sunny, windless and breezy weathers are preferred.

2.Do not use in extreme weathers.

3.Ensure the drone is within your sight and the outdoor surroundings are spacious and open, which are away from tall buildings, signal towers, electricity pylons and crowds.

4.Keep the aircraft within range of sight and keep away from obstructions, high voltage lines, trees, crowds and so on during the flight.

Attentions to battery usage

1、There is a certain risk when using lithium battery. It may cause fire, body injury or property loss. Users must be aware of the risks of using this product. Manufacturers, retailers and dealers do not bear any responsibility once accidents occur, please read the safety guidelines and charging instructions carefully before operation.

2、If battery leakage occurs, please avoid contacting your eyes and skin with electrolyte. Once it happens, please wash your eyes with clean water and seek medical care immediately.

3、Please remove the plug immediately if you sense any peculiar smell, noise or smog.

4、Please comply with the following requirements strictly, or it may cause fire, electric shock or explosion.

Battery Charging

1、Please use the charger from original factory to ensure your safe usage.

2、Do not charge the dilatant or outworn battery.

3、Do not overcharge the battery. Please pull out the charger once the battery is fully charged.

4、Do not charge the battery next to inflammables or on the surface of electro-conductive objects. When charging please observe the battery at all times.

5、Do not charge batteries which is not cool down yet.

6、The charging temperature should be between 0℃to 40℃.


1、Do not dispose the battery as daily rubbish. Please familiarize yourself with the local garbage disposal method and dispose it according to the special requirement.