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About JJRC

Established in 2009, Guangdong Jianjian Technology Co.. Ltd. focuses on the development and sales of toys and commits itself to provide the best products for every child and family as to bring them happiness and joyfulness. The company now has two brands of JJR/C and Temerry with business lines including intelligent remote control toys and mother & baby educational toys. We are always striving to meet the client’s needs by developing innovative products, which are also favored by the consumers, and through efficient management, rigid quality control and sincere and caring service.

About Brand

  • Brand Name: JJR/C
  • Founded: 2014
  • Brand Ideas:

    JJR/Cer: Together we create and share

    Joyfulness: Explore the ultimate fun through new experiences

    Reliance: Trusted by parents and favored by children

    Careness: Caring service with you in mind

  • Brand Ethos: JJRC. Technology For Fun